There are three diffent performing stages at Nordic Fitness Expo with non-stop program all weekend!
By Expo one-day-ticket of 25 € you will see IFBB Nordic Cup and Expo Stage program plus the trade show!
IFBB Nordic Elite Pro and Finnish national championships are going to be held at Main Stage. Tickets price is 43,50 € in advance price at TicketMaster or 40 € if ticket bough at box office.

Friday, October 5

Main Stage
16:00 IFBB Nordic Pro seminar
17:00 Body Fitness IFBB Nordic Cup qualification for Finnish athletes
18:00 Men’s Physique & Fitness (free routine) National Championships

Saturday, October 6

Main Stage
09:00 Bikini Fitness National Championships
12:00 NFE Junior Cup
17:00 IFBB Nordic Elite Pro

IFBB Nordic Cup
09:00 Body fitness
11:00 Men’s Physique + Muscular Men’s Physique
14:00 Bikini Fitness

Expo Stage
10:00 Day opening by MC Hanna-Mari
10:30 Fit Model pageant
11:00 Sports fashion show
11:30 Supermass Nutrition: Olympic Athlete interview
12:00 Piia Pajunen: How to get in shape and keeping it
12:30 NFE Armwrestling
13:30 Martina Aitolehti & Nanna Karalahti
14:00 Sports fashion show
14:30 Supermass Nutrition: Kille Kujala
15:00 Fit Model pageant
15:30 Leader: nutrition lecture
16:00 Sports fashion show

Sunday, October 7

Main Stage
10:00 Bodybuilding, Classic Physique & Classic Bodybuilding National Championships
12:00 Women’s physique National Championships
13:00 Wellness Fitness National Championships
15:00 Body Fitness National Championships

IFBB Nordic Cup
10:00 Masters bikini & body fitness
12:00 Classic Bodybuilding, Classic Physique
14:00 Bodybuilding
16:00 Wellness Fitness

Expo Stage
10:00 Day opening by MC Hanna-Mari
10:30 Sports fashion show
11:00 Martina Aitolehti & Nanna Karalahti
11:30 Pudix eating challenge: Wilenius vs. Pynnönen
12:00 Fit Model pageant
12:30 Supermass Nutrition: Ilona Siekkinen
13:00 Sports fashion show
13:30 Fit Model pageant
14:00 Leader: nutrition lecture
14:30 Military Squat World Record attemp
15:00 Supermass Nutrition: Mika Sihvonen
15:30 Sports fashion show
16:00 Iron Grip Nationals




25 €, sold only at box office
Includes IFBB Nordic Cup

At box office 40,00 €
Includes Expo Day Ticket + IFBB Nordic Cup

Competition tickets in advance 43,00 € each (includes 3,00 TicketMaster expenses)
Pre-sale at TicketMaster starts on June 1, 2018


Parking at Nordic Fitness Expo cost you 5 euro when bought in advance. You can pay your parking after box office at the cloak room neat the main entrance. If you pay later, it cost you 7 euro when driving out.

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