IFBB Ben Weider Legacy Cup
and IFBB World Elite Qualifier

2017 IFBB Ben Weider Legacy Cup is an international pro qualifier and also IFBB Elite Cup qualifier! There are five open divisions where the overall winner will be handed the IFBB Elite Pro Card. The divisions are bikini fitness, body fitness, men’s physique, classic bodybuilding and bodybuilding. Ben Weider Legacy Cup will have the masters categories for body fitness and bikini fitness, but without pro qualifer status.

Ben Weider Legacy Cup is one of the IFBB World Elite Qualifiers qualifier! IFBB Elite Cup have 200.000 prize money.

Ben Weider Legacy Cup will be held on Saturday and Sunday at Ben Weider Stage. You can see this competition and other expo program only by 20 € Expo Day Ticket. Ben Weider Legacy Cup is open invitational competition for all the European competitors.


10:00 Masters Body & Bikini pre-judging & finals
13:00 Body Fitness & Bikini, prejudging
16:00 Body Fitness & Bikini, finals

10:00 Classic Bodybuilding, pre-judging & finals
13:00 Men’s Physique, pre-judging & finals
15:00 Bodybuilding, pre-judging & finals

Organized by the International Federation of Fitness and Bodybuilding co-operated with Finnish Fitness Sports Association.

See English language website: benweiderlegacycup.com

2016 Ben Weider Legacy Cup videos by EastLabs / Igor Kopcek



Expo Day Ticket
20 €

You can see Ben Weider Legacy Cup for Expo Day Ticket Price 20 €!

Expo Day Tickets are sold only event days at the ticket selling box.

Ben Weider Legacy Cup
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Lahti Fair Centre, parking is chargeable. Parking areas are in the near of Lahti Fair Centre. Parking costs 5 € if payed in advance at the entrance of the venue, next to the cloakroom. Price is 7 euros, if the payment is made when driving out. The amount is charged when leaving the parking area.