Supermass Nutrition presents:
Bikini fitness SM and NFE Junior Cup

Saturday morning at 09:00 the NFE is packed with bikini fitness fans. Bikini fitness is perhaps the most popular fitness sport in Finland. And there is a good reason for that as the Finnish bikini athletes are conquered many championships like European and World Champion Anna Virmajoki, World Champion Sofia Belorf, Arnold Amateur Winner Sara Back and last year Ben Weider Legacy Cup winner Melina Keltaniemi! By placing top six in Bikini Fitness National Championships competitors have change to compete in Ben Weider Legacy Cup the same afternoon and if competior is good enough, she can turn pro and compete at the Nordic Elite Pro in the evening!

With bikini fitness national championships there is NFE Junior Cup which is very popular competition for juniors. NFE Junior Cup includes: bikini fitness, body fitness, classic bodybuilding ja men’s physique classes. Juniors have Nordic Championships competition two weeks after NFE so the best are continue to cometing!

Saturday, October 6
09:00 Bikini Fitness Finnish National Championships
12:00 NFE Junior Cup
Tickets in advance from TicketMaster 50 €, starting from June 1, 2018.
At box office 55,00 €
Free entrance to Expo and IFBB Nordic Cup. No numbered seats.

09:00 Bikini Fitness  – 160, – 164, – 169, – 172, + 172 cm
12:00 NFE Junior Cup:
– bikini fitness
– body fitness
– classic bodybuilding
– men’s physique

Organized by Finnish Fitness Sports Association (IFBB Finland)


Expo Day Ticket
25 € (only at box office)

National Championship
IFBB Nordic Elite Pro
Tickets 50 € each event

At box office 55,00 €

Pre-sale at TicketMaster starts on June 1, 2018

3 stages
2 days
full of
fitness action
Click here for schedule



Parking at Nordic Fitness Expo cost you 5 euro when bought in advance. You can pay your parking after box office at the cloak room neat the main entrance. If you pay later, it cost you 7 euro when driving out.

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