Supermass Nutrition presents:
Fitness National Championships

On October 8 the Finnish Fitness National Championships contains 4 contests;  free routine fitness, men’s physique-, body fitness- and bikini fitness Nationals Champioships.

Fitness National Championships is the most waited competition of the year! The athmospeare is excellent and extraordinary when 2000 fans are cheering to their favorites. This competition has to be seen live! Auditorium is very large and there are big HD screens on both sides of stage where they run action from the stage and not only that but also from backstage!

All four competitions are following the same protocol: if more than 16 competitors, there will be elimination round, then pre-judging (15 best) and at the end the finals (6 best).

Pre selling price at TicketMaster 53,50 €
(3,50 € TicketMaster expenses)
Tickets at door 50 €
No numbered seats. Includes the Expo Day Ticket.
Pre-sale starts at August 1, 2017 at

(1 ticket, 4 contests)

09:00 Fitness (free routine fitness), open category
10:00 Men’s physique – 173, – 179, + 179 cm
12:00 Body fitness – 158, – 163, – 168, + 168 cm
15:00 Bikini fitness – 160, – 164, – 169, – 172, + 172 cm

Organized by Finnish Fitness Sports Association


Expo Day Ticket
20 € (only at box office)

National Champion-
ship Tickets
50 €

Pre-sale at TicketMaster 53,50 € (TicketMaster expenses 3,50 €)



Lahti Fair Centre, parking is chargeable. Parking areas are in the near of Lahti Fair Centre. Parking costs 5 € if payed in advance at the entrance of the venue, next to the cloakroom. Price is 7 euros, if the payment is made when driving out. The amount is charged when leaving the parking area.