NFE Armwrestling – kädenvääntö

This yeat the Nordic Fitness Expo is going to offer a good matches with womens arm wrestling! There will be many female arm wrestlers from top National and International levels. And of course we are going to see men’s arm wrestling as well!

Arm wrestling is a sport that can be done equally men and women. Last year at the Arm Wrestling Wold Championships in Bulgary there were 250 female arm wrestlers and that approved the popularity of women’s arm wrestling! In our closest neighbour country Sweden, they have a very good level in women’s arm wrestling and they even have some full professional athletes who can only doing arm wrestling for their living!

Finnish Arm Wrestling Federation have their own booth in the expo where you can try the sport on a real match table. You can get lot of information of arm wrestling in that booth like where you can do sports arm wrestling in your area or the up coming competitions.

NFE Arm Wrestling competition starts 16:30 on Sunday and you can see it by buing the Expo Day Ticket (20 €).

Finnish Arm Wrestling Federation belongs to Finnish Olympic Committee.




Expo Day Ticket you will see all the action on two stages, Expo Stage and Ben Weider Stage that includes International fitness & bodybuilding competitions, Ms. Fitness Finland pageant, sport fashion show, make up tips, armwrestling, power-rep bench pressing, grip hold, diet lecture, trade show, exhibitors booths… all with only one ticket!

3 stages
2 days
full of
fitness action

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Lahti Fair Centre, parking is chargeable. Parking areas are in the near of Lahti Fair Centre. Parking costs 5 € if payed in advance at the entrance of the venue, next to the cloakroom. Price is 7 euros, if the payment is made when driving out. The amount is charged when leaving the parking area.