IFBB Classic Physique Olympia Winner Breon Ansley: How I made it!

2017 Classic Physique Olympia Winner Breon Ansley will introduce a new future look of physique at Nordic Fitness Expo. Breon won the 2017 Classic Physique Olympia on September 15 at Orleans Arena, Las Vegas and he also won New York Pro on May 2017! He is THE real hot bod! Besides of that, he is also an actor with roles of Hollywood blockbusters like Fast & Furious (2009), In Your Eyes (2004) and Finishing the Game: The Search for a New Bruce Lee (2007).

Breon will have a seminar how he become the champion and how he have made as an actor. The seminar will be held on Saturday at 14:00 just two hours before the Finnish Bodybuilding Nationals. Breon wll be seen guestposing at Finnish Nationals and Ben Weider Legacy Cup on Sunday.

Schedule for Saturday (3 competitions + seminar, 1 ticket)
09:00 – NFE Junior Cup
12:00 – Classic Bodybuilding  & Women’s Physique National Championships
14:00 – 2017 Classic Physique Olympia Champion Breon Ansleyn seminar
16:00 – Bodybuilding National Championships

Jutta Gustafsberg seminar

Jutta Gustafsberg is the most well known fitness and health expert in Finland. This seminar is only for Finnish language.
Seminar on Sunday at 15:00 with Expo Day Ticket (20 €).

Seminar: when your body doesn’t react to your diet

Have you tried to diet hard with very low calories? Do you spend hours of cardio each day? Have you try everything you can imagine to get that last five kilograms out of your body? This is a lecture for you! Finnish Fitness Sports Association experts gives you the answers to all of your questions. This lecture langiage is Finnish!
Lecture on Sunday at 15:00 with Expo Day Ticket (20 €).



Expo Day Ticket you will see all the action on two stages, Expo Stage and Ben Weider Stage that includes International fitness & bodybuilding competitions, Ms. Fitness Finland pageant, sport fashion show, make up tips, armwrestling, power-rep bench pressing, grip hold, diet lecture, trade show, exhibitors booths… all with only one ticket!

3 stages
2 days
full of
fitness action

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Lahti Fair Centre, parking is chargeable. Parking areas are in the near of Lahti Fair Centre. Parking costs 5 € if payed in advance at the entrance of the venue, next to the cloakroom. Price is 7 euros, if the payment is made when driving out. The amount is charged when leaving the parking area.