Media accreditation is done with information requested below. The information must be sent by e-mail to: with remark ACCREDITATION AND NAME OF MEDIA.

Qualified representatives will recieve confirmation e-mail.

Accreditation starts from September 1, 2017 and expires on Monday, October 4, 2017.

Media Credentials
Media Pass can be picked up Nordic Fitness Expo Info Desk, which will open the exhibition at the Lahti Fair Centre from 08.00 to 15:00. No entry to the backstage area.
Nordic Fitness Expo conveys interview requests to competitors.
NOTE: A person with media credentials are not permitted to broadcasting, webcasting, live video or Snapshot/Facebook live!

All activities related to media questions prior to the event:

Media Officer at the event:
Iina Airio, Media Officer

Contact Person:
Accredit the person:
Job description (writer, photographer):






Media Badge will be given to pre-approved media representatives and it’s only for personal use. If Media Badge is used unproper manner or it’s given to another person, Media Badge will be taken away.


Media credentials are divided by three different categories:
1) Expo area access
2) Finnish Championships access
3) All Access ( 1 & 2 + warm up areas)

All Access media credentials will be given for few media persons only with good reasons


Lahti Fair Centre, parking is chargeable. Parking areas are in the near of Lahti Fair Centre. Parking costs 5 € if payed in advance at the entrance of the venue, next to the cloakroom. Price is 7 euros, if the payment is made when driving out. The amount is charged when leaving the parking area. These instructions are valid for media people too!