NFE Party at Möysä Music Club

After few years break Nordic Fitness Expo Party is here again at the same place as it was “then” in the good old times (DIVA NightClub). The name of the place and whole place has change much and it’s called now to Möysä Music Club (Möysän Musaklubi in Finnish). We are going to have a heavy party on Saturday, starting at 22:00 and kept going until 04:00! Address: Hämeenkatu 16, in the heart of Lahti.

In program we have the best voted Finnish Artist of 2016 (voting were held February 2017) a young guy Arttu Lindeman who is very talented musically and he is famous also by his YouTube Channel. The second show on that evening is BarStarzz Finland. BarStarzz Finland guys are just inredible with their Street Workout stunts. Come and be in awe!

The legendary Möysän Musaklubi is one of the most respected music clubs in Finland. The best artist, the most famous stand up comedians and coolest DJ’s of Finland have made a reputation of quality and entertainment to Möysän Musaklubi.

Tickets from door 12,50 €.
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Arttu Lindeman

BarStarzz Finland

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