Pumping Iron with Bill Grant

Mr. World and Mr. America title winner 72-year old Bill Grant takes us back to the bodybuilding Golden Era in California where he worked out with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco Columbu and Frank Zane in the original Gold’s Gym back in 1960’s and 1970’s.

This 90 minutes seminar will be held on Saturday at 15:00 on Main Stage. Bill will tell very colorful stories about the times of Filming Pumping Iron where he was training with Arnold, Franco and company. You will hear how those guys were training, dieting and how was their mentality for the sport. Bill will also point out how bodybuilding has chnaged and not all change has been good for the sport.

Bill trains still in regular basis as he have done 58 years! Finland is very familiar place to Bill as he guest posed here at Finnish Bodybuilding Championships 1982. His son is now living in Espoo close to Helsinki, so Finland is pretty familiar for this legendary bodybuilder.

Pumping Iron with Bill Grant seminar includes the Nordic Pro ticket and Saturday’s COMBO ticket (all Saturday events in ne ticket). This is a seminar you can’t miss! You will hear history of bodybuilding and become part of it!

Bill Grant at Muscle Beach Gym, Venice, CA.

Mr. World and Mr. America – Bill Grant

25 €, sold only at box office
Includes IFBB Nordic Cup

At box office 40,00 €
Includes Expo Day Ticket + IFBB Nordic Cup

Competition tickets in advance 43,00 € each (includes 3,00 TicketMaster expenses)
Pre-sale at TicketMaster starts on June 1, 2018


Pysäköinti maksaa 5 euroa ennakkoon sisäänkäynnin vieressä olevasta vaatesäilytyksestä. Pysäköinti maksaa 7 euroa, jos maksuu tapahtuu pois lähtettäessä, jolloin summa peritään pysäköintialueelta poistuttaessa.


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